Sweet Waterwear – Premium Performance Paddlewear is pleased to be be in some of the finest watersports & paddlesport specialty stores across the country. Please enter your address or zip code or search by city below to find the Sweet Waterwear retailer nearest you. If your local SUP~ SURF~Watersports~Outfitter store does not carry Sweet Waterwear please suggest our line to the store Owner/Manager or Buyer & encourage them to inquire about becoming a Sweet Waterwear dealer.  Or if you would suggest a high quality specialty watersports or fitness retailer in your area, please feel free to send us an email to: so we can reach out and contact that retailer.  Mahalo for helping us spread the word about SWEET Waterwear. If you don’t have a dealer near you, you can always shop online 24/7 right here on this site. [STORE-LOCATOR]