Tested for Success

Candice Appleby Professional Ocean Athlete, 4X Battle of the Paddle Elite Champion, SUPConnect.com Woman of the Year 2010, Sweet Elite Ambassador

Tested for success – by some of the world’s best

In the performance apparel sector, feedback is critical for development. The professional watersports athletes and fitness instructors we engage with are ideal because they are constantly testing themselves through their training, endurance and racing endeavors. Their standards are high and they tell it like it is. They know their performance and comfort depends on their choice of gear.  They expect and deserve the very best.  4X “Battle of the Paddle” Elite Race Champion Candice Appleby was the perfect candidate and when she saw and tested our products, then heard our vision and plan, she came on board to work with us.  Word got out about what we were doing – our unique approach, our philosophy and soon after, many other top pros soon joined our Sweet Ohana team.  Our extensive team of ambassadors tell us what is right, but more importantly tell us what can be improved upon. We continually follow their suggestions and develop new styles to ensure we are constantly improving and providing the very best apparel for these exciting and rapidly growing sports.  Their suggestions have ultimately helped us create and perfect many of our most popular styles.