About Sweet…

First, the name…

In a single wordSweetIt’s not only our family name…. it’s our mantra.
It sums up: Who we are, What we create, and reflects our outlook on life.
Since our apparel line bears our family name, well “Sweet” means everything to us.

Superior Quality, Innovation, Design, Function, Performance AND Fashion…

that is our “SWEET spot”

Nikki Gregg, of NRG Fitness, First Lady of SUP Fitness, SUPConnect.com Woman of the Year

How it all began – Growing out of our passion for the sport of stand up paddling combined with our  desire to provide high quality and fashionable activewear, Sweet Waterwear was launched in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Like so many people’s first experience with standup paddling, we were hooked immediately!  Finally, a fun and easy way to get a great workout, enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate Mother Nature.  We truly believe the ocean has extraordinary properties and we think it is no coincidence that the paddlesports community is so genuinely happy to be living life. Having long careers in the apparel industry, as our passions grew, naturally so did our curiosity about what paddlers were wearing. There seemed to be nothing specifically well designed for our sport.  Most of SUP is not surfing and tight rashguards are just not right for paddlesport specific movements.  So in 2010, we infused some fresh styling and paddlesport specific design to create a sweet new line of premium performance paddlewear.

For us, this is the perfect convergence of our passion and profession.

Quite simply…We do what we love and we love what we do.

We look, we ask and we listen. Luckily we’re located in beautiful Hawaii so input from paddlers is non-stop. We ask standup paddlers, outrigger canoe paddlers, kiteboarders and windsurfers.  As their ideas feed us, we learn.  They all wanted something “more“…something “better“.  Inspired by the infectious enthusiasm of the incredibly supportive watersports community we continue to  innovate, develop, design, test and keep improving our line in order to ensure we get every detail on every new piece just right.

Whatever your choice of watersport, we applaud you for “getting out there” on your own  journey and we hope you’ll take us along for the glide.