Quality First

QUALITY – First and foremost – in every aspect

Quality People & Partnerships

Jane McKee, Four Time Women's OC-1 Outrigger Canoe 1 Man Hawaii State Champion

Our team is built with Quality in every aspect, not only in the product but in the building of all of our relationships as well. We know we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.  So we have aligned ourselves with top notch industry expertise from the activewear and swimwear sector.  From our careers in apparel we have assembled a talented network of designers, technical designers, patternmakers and fit models who are all experienced and accomplished.  We are blessed to work with professionals that share our vision and our commitment to create only the very best.

Product Quality

Our quality starts with carefully testing and selecting from the world’s best technical fabrics.  We believe only the lightest, softest, breathable, high UPF, and quick drying watersport performance fabrics are truly well suited for the unique combination of requirements for paddlesports. We source these premium fabrics from the finest European mills. These state-of-the-art mills combine old world craftsmanship with cutting edge world class technology.  Their superior quality standards for yarns and knitting were the only fabrics that could match our stringent specifications and expectations.

Production Quality

Made in the USA” means something very important and special to us.  The vast majority of our styles and our production volume is “Made in the USA” because it is important we all recognize and support our own economy. We conscientiously choose quality production resources in California, which allows us to have our California based team be on site as much as possible.  We know exactly where, how and who makes our garments and we know that the working conditions are safe, worker friendly and environmentally responsible.

Better, not Bigger

We are not corporate. We are not forced to cut expenses or quality to “make better margins” or answer to “meet shareholder’s expectations”.  We answer to ourselves and to you – to meet your needs.  We produce high performance wear that will benefit you, and we do it in our own special way.  No detail is too small, no shortcuts are taken and no compromises are made.

There IS a QUALITY difference in What we do and in How we do it. You can SEE it and you will FEEL it.