We will be constantly building a comprehensive listing of links to websites, media articles & resources about SUP – Standup Paddling.  For now, here’s our early “Short list” of personal favorites. These are just some of our Favorite top sites that we are drawn to most often for quality of writing, content & information.  You can get a wealth of information on SUP from these sites.

www.distressedmullet.com Distressed mullet is dedicated to creating and finding the best information on stand up paddleboard, sup boards, SUP, paddle boards, standup paddle, how to stand up paddle, stand up paddles, stand up paddle boards, with stand up paddle board reviews, answering questions on what is paddle boarding, how to sup, how to stand up paddle board and how to sup surf with articles and videos. They also have an extensive blogroll with timely and well written articles on almost every aspect of Standup Paddling.

www.zenwaterman.blogspot.com  * Surfing and Stand Up Paddling as Zen arts. Written by Len Barrow (surfing) and Robert Stehlik (stand up paddling). Focus and paying attention to technique, equipment, mental aspects, the interplay with nature and others.

www.supconnect.com The Facebook of the Standup Paddling community, includes a wide assortment on everything SUP, including free Membership to help you connect with other avid SUP people around the country and around the world! It includes, Race & events calendar, industry news, features & Live or near live updates from most major North American races, events & trade shows.

www.PerformancePaddling.com – a new joint venture of two of SUP Standup Racing’s very best Candice Appleby & Anthony Vela, who have begun running advanced paddle technique clinics and workshops at some of the larger events on the race calendar.  Additionally Candice & Anthony have started their own Performance Paddling Youth Team whom they mentor and coach to help develop and bring along the next generation of Standup Racing’s talent.

www.davidkalama.com – is a Waterman’s Journal by legendary Hawaiian Waterman Dave Kalama. His informative and insightful site covers “Adventures in Standup Paddling, surfing, ocean voyaging, and life.” in his own true to character, soulful & laid back Hawaiian style.

Be sure & check back in here often, as we will be adding & updating this list and let you know both our favorites & the favorites of our customers who click through here.

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